Academic Writing Jobs

People who may be arriving in this post are obviously interested in getting an academic writing job. With academic writing job, I mean term paper writing jobs and thesis writing jobs. In short, academic writing job is actually writing research papers and assignments for other people.

I started out as an academic writer. I do not feel proud when I talk about it now but it seems that I need to make the necessary post to discourage people who are looking for term paper jobs and essay writing jobs. I have been searching for writing jobs online these past few days so I can have something to write in my new onlinejobworkers blog and I have seen quite a number of "new" companies that are looking for academic writers.

If you are interested in applying or submitting your resume to any of these academic writing companies, please do consider the following:

1. Some of these companies are not honest with their writers. One of the major companies that I have worked for is really very unprofessional when it comes to payment. They never run out of excuses why they are not able to pay their writers on time. I experienced expecting my payment before Christmas in 2006 only to receive my payment on the second week of January. Reading online forums made me conclude the company does not really pay on time--always.

2. You get fined for things you did not do. And yes there were those plagiarism issues you get fined for. Some of these people rely on their software and charge and penalize their writers of plagiarism regardless when the supposed plagiarized texts are enclosed in a parenthesis complete with citations where the phrase came from.



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