Legal Transcription Jobs

Legal transcriptionists or legal transcribers are people who create and edit documents based on a legal professional's dictation. Like a number of medical transcriptionists who work from home nowadays, many legal transcriptionists are also able to work from their home doing legal transcription jobs online.

According to an article at, a person does not necessarily need to have a formal training to get a job as a legal transcriber. Nevertheless, some legal transcription job companies may still prefer individuals who have considerable experience working for other legal transcription companies or have a background in legal transcription jobs.

If you are interested in getting a legal transcription job, it will help if you have a good command of the English language and more importantly, you are familiar with legal terminologies to qualify for the job. You may also need the following:

transcription equipment which includes headphones and wave foot pedal
an internet connected PC

The following are work at home legal transcription jobs that you can apply to:

Cambridge Transcriptions



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